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3 Michelin Star Restaurants NYC – Find Out the Best New York City Spots

3 michelin star restaurants nyc

One of the things that you should do in New York is to check out 3 Michelin Star Restaurants. Being a part of this prestigious group means that your food is going to be of the highest quality. The only problem is, not everyone in the city can afford to eat at one of the restaurants in the stars. If you are on a limited budget and do not want to pay for a few expensive delicacies every time you visit, then you need to learn how to save money and still have great food. This article will give you some tips on how you can do just that!

Eat In The Restaurant

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First, you should make sure to eat in the restaurant where you are assigned to. Many people in New York will tell you to go to the same place every day. If you see that there is another restaurant, then you should take advantage of it. You can ask if they have any special deals and if there are any foods that you can eat for free. That way, you can use it to your advantage and save money all at the same time.

When you are in the area, you should realize that you can always eat pasta that costs less than two dollars per serving. It is going to taste much better than pasta that costs five dollars or more. Do not be fooled by what you see in front of you. Remember, it is all about the presentation. Do not worry too much about the star rating because all that matters is whether or not your pasta is going to taste good to you.


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Pasta from Italy comes in two sizes. The smaller carton is more expensive than the larger one. You can usually get away with mixing the smaller and larger ones together. The only thing that you cannot mix is the sauce. There are so many different options out there that you should not have a problem getting what you are looking for.

You can choose from the various sizes of noodles. The most popular types are Italian and linguine. You can also find pasta that does not have a sauce on it. It is known as a fresh sauce.

Other Than The Usual Italian Fare

Since the majority of people in this city eat pasta, you should not have a hard time finding a restaurant that has a good menu. Even if you are going there for the first time, you should be able to find an Italian restaurant that will offer you some familiar dishes. It is always a good idea to try something new. Not every day you are going to be eating pasta, but just because you did not know that pasta was made differently, it is okay.

If you are tired of pasta, you might want to think about trying something other than the usual Italian fare. Pasta recipes are very easy to come by today. There are hundreds of them online and you can find the one that you like. Even if you do not like pasta, you should give them a shot.

Last Words

There is only one way to find out for sure if a restaurant is going to work out for you or not. Give it a try for yourself and see if it is what you have been looking for. No matter what you are going to eat, you are going to love the food that you get at any of the 3 Michelin Star Restaurants NYC. If you are having a special occasion or just want to go out to a nice restaurant for dinner, there is no better place to go than one of these fine restaurants.

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