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3 Popular Chefs With Most Michelin Star Restaurants

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Michelin star of Red Michelin Guide indicates a restaurant’s quality. This is the most reputed rating system for restaurants. In other words, it is the highest recognition a restaurant can get. That’s why earning these stars is not a simple job but some chefs have made it possible. They own and operate restaurants that serve world-class cuisine with outstanding service to guests. Are you curious about who are these 3 prominent chefs who own the most Michelin star restaurants? If yes then do check out the following names from the culinary world. 

1.Alain Ducasse 

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One of the well-known chefs Alain Ducasse owns restaurants with 18 Michelin stars around the world. In total, he has 34 restaurants worldwide. He is a culinary genius whose most popular restaurant includes Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester. The Dorchester has been rated with 3 stars in Michelin guide. Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée and Le Louis XV are also some of his most prominent restaurants with similar 3 Michelin stars. Throughout his career, Alain has made innovations in dining concepts. At present, he is also running cooking schools and works as a culinary consultant too. 

2.Martin Berasategui 

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Martin Berasategui, the Spanish Chef is recognized in the culinary world. At the current time, he owns restaurants with 12 Michelin stars all over the globe. Out of these 12 stars, 2 notable restaurants with 3 Michelin stars are located in Spain. The first one is in Basque Country while the other restaurant is situated in Barcelona. Martin learned classic techniques and completed most of his training in France. He opened ‘Restaurante Martín Berasategui’ with his wife in 1993. This restaurant was a success as within the first 6 months it earned its first Michelin star. 

3.Pierre Gagnaire 

Pierre Gagnaire began his career through a pastry internship in 1964. His signature cuisine is classic styles of French cookery and he has taken the cuisine to next level through fusion. Today he is one of the most popular chefs who is identified for his new and creative ideas in cuisine. He has come up with multiple ingredient combinations as well as ingenious methods or techniques. The French culinary genius owns restaurants with 12 Michelin stars in different parts of the world. These include cities and countries like Tokyo, London, Korea, Hong Kong, France, and many more. 


Here are 3 popular chefs who have the most Michelin star restaurants. Alain Ducasse tops the list with 18 Michelin stars while Martin Berasategui and Pierre Gagnaire both own restaurants with 12 Michelin stars. Michelin guide is a parameter with depicts the integrity of a restaurant. It tests a restaurant from several aspects. This rating system is the biggest actor in the culinary realm and the restaurants that excel in it are almost seen as perfection around the world.

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