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3 star Michelin Chef’s Restaurants In The World

3 star michelin chef

When it comes to the most significant honor in the culinary field, a chef can get when their restaurant is awarded three Michelin brand stars. Every chef craves this honor in his life, and only that chef can get to the point, who has worked their sweat out in their field and created a special and unique image of their restaurant. This is one of the most significant awards for a chef for his restaurant, and there are very few chefs who have got it. Further, the restaurants that have this are considered to be top-notch restaurants. Everyone wishes to have food there.

Let us know about these fantastic personalities in more detail here.

Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon holds 7 Michelin stars. Although he has been awarded 16 Michelin stars in his overall career, he could not keep them because of new players in the market. One of the signature restaurants, “Restaurant Gordon Ramsay” itself, holds 3 Michelin stars, which is an achievement of his own. Gordon is one of the most celebrity chefs, as he has judged “Master Chef America.” He has acclaimed so much greatness in his life span that no other chef can achieve this much success in his life. Gordon Ramsay is one big name in the field of culinary known for his great dishes and their taste.

Clare Smyth

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Claire was the head chef in Gordon Ramsay’s 3 Michelin star restaurant from 2012-2016. Where she has won a perfect score in “Good Food Guide.” After becoming so successful, she started his restaurant and became chef-patron of “Core By Claire Smyth.” Her restaurant was also awarded 3 Michelin stars because of her unique style and creation of food. It is sporadic for a female chef to excel so much in his life span from a head chef in a restaurant to owning a good restaurant and becoming a star celebrity chef in this short frame of time. 

Heston Blumenthal

He is one celebrity chef who owns 6 Michelin stars in his career. Heston’s world-famous restaurant “The Fat Duck” is awarded 3 Michelin stars for being excellent in the service and food products they provide. He is one of the finest chefs in the field of taste. He has many quality dishes in his pockets that leave his customers awe-struck, which has led him to win these many Michelin stars in his life.


I would like to conclude the topic by saying that these Michelin stars are not just an award. These are the most significant honor for a chef or a restaurant to have in their lifetime. It is not easy to be the best in the world, and to maintain that is more difficult because with changing times, more and more people are coming into the market with different and innovative products. It is very challenging for the existing players to deliver up to the people’s expectations and defeat these new products and keep their place in this world and have these Michelin stars.

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