Best Restaurants in Paris and the World -

Best Restaurants in Paris and the World

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Most Michelin star restaurants are in France. Many of the world’s famous chef cooks have originated from France. French cuisine is some of the finest in the world. The quality of French food, though, has slipped somewhat over the years. Still, there are great French restaurants all across the world that serve up delectable fare at affordable prices.

When it comes to selecting the best star restaurants in the world, you need to pay close attention to the presentation of the cuisine. Most French restaurants have elaborate presentations of their dishes, but their simplicity is one of the things that makes them so delicious. Often, the presentation of these exquisite dishes is what draws the dining public in the first place.

An Overview

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There are several outstanding restaurants in Paris that offer a fascinating view of the city and the gastronomic delights it has to offer. The restaurants in these hotels combine classic French cuisine with international flavors to create mouthwatering dishes. The chefs at these fine restaurants have also won numerous awards for the dishes they prepare. It is these award-winning restaurants that you should seek when you are planning a vacation to Paris.

Another way to find the most excellent fine dining in Paris is to pay attention to the star ratings. If you look at the Michelin star system, you will quickly see that there are five stars for those specializing in gourmet dining. Additionally, there are several stars awarded for offering traditional European gastronomy. These restaurants offer guests quality food that often rivals the best that can be found anywhere. In addition to having fine Italian and French dishes, these fine dining establishments in Paris also serve an array of Asian foods.

Facts About Restaurants In Paris

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Fine dining in Paris tends to be based around classic dishes that have been perfected over time. Many of the ingredients used are from France, which is one of the oldest countries in the world. In addition, you will likely find a variety of familiar flavors, such as French fries, pastrami, and brie. Although these dishes are traditional, the chefs at the best star restaurants incorporate new culinary flavors to make each dish a unique creation. The chefs often include a mixture of local and Mediterranean specialties. The chefs also are inspired by international cuisine, particularly New World foods, to produce dishes that are innovative and exciting.

Most Michelin star restaurants in Paris have at least one eatery in the main part of the building. The chefs often spend long hours cooking in order to make each dish delicious. After every meal, the chefs clean up the kitchen and open the restaurant to the public. When you dine at one of these fine dining establishments in Paris, you can expect to be treated to a live band, live entertainment, and other treats. Of course, the wait will probably be interesting!

If you want to experience great food, but are in Paris, you might want to try the Bocuse Restaurant. The chef and owner, Philippe Bocuse, take inspiration from several international cuisines. The majority of his menu is created from a variety of French specialities, although he does occasionally offer guests a traditional French breakfast dish. Of course, no trip to the most popular Michelin star restaurants in Paris would be complete without trying the famous bocuse brie, which is usually created from brie dough that is kneaded with a fork before being formed into a circular pastry.

Bottom Line

When looking for the most inspiring fine dining restaurants, you need to take your time when researching each one to determine if they meet the criteria set forth by the Michelin stars. Michelin stars are not only given for excellent service and delicious dishes, but they also recognize restaurants that take their design seriously. Therefore, it is important to examine the decor and other aspects of each restaurant to make sure that they will meet your personal expectations. If you are looking for inspiration, finding the most well-known Michelin stars in cities around the world can be very easy through an online search.

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