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Michelin 3 Star Restaurants – Find Out The Best Of Restaurants Here

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Michelin star is a system to rate restaurants all over the world on the basis of their services and quality. It was developed in the year 1900 with the purpose of guiding french drivers where the local facilities of a place like restaurants and mechanics are. There are in total 135 Michelin 3 star restaurants in the world that are known to provide the best services. According to the guide, a very good restaurant is given 1 star, Restaurants that have ‘excellent cooking that is worth a detour’ are given 2 stars and restaurants that have ‘exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey’ are given 3 stars. 

Michelin 3 Star Restaurants – About 

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France and Japan are the countries that have the most number of Michelin 3 star restaurants. They have 29 three-star restaurants each. The second country with the highest rate is the USA. It has 14 three-star restaurants. This is then followed by Spain and Italy with 11 three-star restaurants each. The Michelin guide was started by car manufacturer Michelin and it does not need any introduction in the world of restaurants. The guide was originally created with the purpose of motivating motorists to get on the road. By the year 1930, the three-star ranking system was introduced. 

Michelin 3 Star Restaurants – New York 

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New York, which has been the hub of culinary mecca in the US, has a lot of starred restaurants. However, there are in total 5 Michelin 3 star restaurants available but they are all in Manhattan. The two restaurants Le Bernardin and Per Se have been given the three stars ever since the guide was established. It has been 14 years since the two restaurants have been included in the well-rounded list. The five restaurants are Masa, Japanese, Per Se, Contemporary, Le Bernardin, Seafood, Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, Contemporary, and Eleven Madison Park, Contemporary. 

Michelin 3 Star Restaurants – San Francisco 

San Francisco, which is heralding the West Coast, has been home to 7 Michelin 3 star restaurants for a very long time now. All of the seven restaurants are special and unique in their own way. While the restaurant Benu provides its best Asian-inspired menu, Quince on the other hand offers more of a farm-driven menu. Meanwhile, the restaurant Atelier Crenn is one of the only 5 female-starred restaurants in the whole world. The other 4 restaurants are Manresa, Contemporary, Single Thread, Contemporary, The French Laundry, Contemporary, The Restaurant at Meadowood, Contemporary. All of them are known for providing sumptuous food. 


Michelin 3 star restaurants need no introduction as they are very famous restaurants present in the respective countries and states. They were discovered back in 1900 and have gained a lot of popularity since then. All the restaurants are known to provide some of the best available dishes of the countries that they are located in. You can also be inspired by the recipes they follow and try them at home but make sure you visit one of their restaurants to enjoy their delicious food items.

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