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Michelin Star Chefs – Know The Best Chefs Around The Globe

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The highest honor a chef can get is a Michelin star within the international culinary. Chefs live a dedicated life to earn even a single Michelin star, so it is a very honorable and precious moment for those who get it. Now, let us tell you about the world’s famous Michelin star chefs. 

Top 6 Michelin Star Chefs That Are Famous All Around The World 

Alain Ducasse With 19 Michelin Stars

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Alain Ducasse – current loving chef with the most Michelin stars. He has 36 restaurants panning across the globe, and he is the only chef who has sent his food into space. Yes. It may sound shocking, but in 2015, Alain sent a meal in the international space station to the astronauts orbiting Earth. We can say that he is the most successful chef in the world to make his own business empire out of food. There are many accomplishments that are won by Ducasse. 

Pierre Gagnaire With14 Michelin Stars

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Peirce Gagnaire was only 26(so young) when he received his first star. He has many restaurants across the globe, but his one restaurant in Paris has maintained the record of 3 Michelin stars for more than 20 years. 

Martin Berasategui With 12 Michelin Stars

Martin has 12 Michelin stars, more than compared to any other Spanish Michelin star chefs. In the Dominican Republic, He owns six other restaurants. 

Yannick Alleno With 10 Michelin Stars

He is the director of 18 restaurants in the world, and he was so fond of researching food that he made his own culinary movement known as modern cuisine. To perfect the flavors of sauces, he did a lot of research and developed a technique called extraction.

Anne-Sophie Pic With 8 Michelin Stars

The first woman to appear in the list of best and top Michelin star chefs. With no formal culinary training, she took responsibility of her family restaurant when her father died in1997. The innovative spirit in her got her the position she has now. 

Gordon Ramsay With 7 Michelin Stars

Gordon Ramsay is known for his exceptional British cuisine. For a fact, he had won 21 Michelin stars in his whole career, but currently, he holds seven stars. Thus, making Gordon Ramsay one of the best Michelin star chefs in the world. 


It is very sad to know that there is only one woman among the top ten Michelin star chefs; it shows male dominance. But, on the other hand, we are proud that Anne-Sophie Pic with 8 Michelin Stars makes it through and is one of the known names within international culinary

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