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Michelin Star Restaurants – Everything To Know About Them

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It depicts the trademark of culinary experience and is particularly awarded to restaurants that have high standards. It also depends on chefs and cuisines across the world. The single star depicts an awesome restaurant; the second star depicts great cooking that is worthy of eating, while the third star depicts wonderful cuisine that is worth the journey. The stars are not easy to achieve and are given to the best restaurants in the city. Star restaurants gain excellent exposure and prestige along with respect, and various restaurant owners view increment in their business.

Facts To Know About Michelin Star Restaurants

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The most Michelin star award can break or make a restaurant, along with chefs who give their hard work to restaurants to earn one, two, or three stars. Here are some Michelin Star facts you need to know. The guide only focuses on food rather than its comfortable stay. While, if the food is wonderful, then comfort doesn’t matter.

Restaurant inspectors make a visit to every restaurant more than once. Currently, there are almost 1200 restaurants across the world. Inspectors during the first few months of their job spend eating at the best and highest standard restaurants.

Chefs dedicate their lives to earning these prestigious stars for restaurants and make a collection of fine dining restaurants. Many wonderful chefs have done an outstanding job in achieving these stars, like Alain Ducasse, Pierre Gagnaire, Martin Berasategui, Yannick Alleno, Gardon Ramsay, and many more hard-working chefs.

How Are Michelin Stars Given To A Restaurant?

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Just like various other rating systems, these are not given according to customer reviews. But, it is based on inspections done on food by various food experts. They can’t speak to the press, and they have some experience in the restaurant business. Inspectors should have great knowledge about food with every minute detail and should be able to connect with customers. They mainly focus on cooking techniques, ingredients, and the essential thing – taste. Those stars are wholly dependent on the standard of food and not on the decor or comfort of the restaurant. Restaurant owners don’t know when an inspection will take place, and the inspectors

can come anytime. After that, the inspectors decide whether to award a star or not. But, it is important to maintain this standard. It also awards bib gourmand for best food quality at a proper value. The menu should be enriched with exotic cuisines and should have a price value below maximum.


Thus, this is the total guide of how restaurants are awarded with Michelin stars and about some facts. Just maintain the standard of your restaurant if you get these stars. Restaurant owners should only focus on their food presentation and cuisine taste and texture if they want to grab these honorable stars.

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