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Michelin Star Restaurants List – Great Places To Experience World Class Food And Good Service

michelin star restaurants list

The Michelin Star Restaurants list is a worldwide recognized symbol of modern fine dining. For travelers who love fine dining, the listing comprises restaurants in major cities around the world such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Tokyo, Bangkok and many more. The hotels on the list are well renowned for their quality and hospitality. They offer delicious meals daily to all its guest with a unique approach.

Best Restaurants In The World

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The hotels on the list have been granted standing among the best restaurants in the world. Each of them has its own individual speciality. The luxury hotels are famous for their top-class amenities and service. They offer world-class room service and provide the best food and wine. All the restaurants on the Michelin star restaurant’s list have great international cuisines. The chefs here understand the necessity and importance of healthy living and proper nutrition and hence use natural and fresh ingredients for serving their dishes.

The chefs here employ modern cuisine, family heritage and traditional values and hence serve tasty food. They also serve delicacies from around the globe. The restaurants list is categorized in various regions, such as Mediterranean, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Hawaiian, African, Middle Eastern and so on. Each region has its own cuisine and hence you can choose your favorite region to enjoy the delicious food and wines.

The Le Burger Brasserie At New Road

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One of the best known restaurants on the new road Michelin star restaurant’s list is the Le Burger Brasserie at New Road. This restaurant was established back in 1993 and still stands today. Le Burger Brasserie offers mouthwatering delicacies including French fries, steak and lobster dishes. This restaurant caters to all kinds of tastes and the dining room is always decorated with traditional China and silverware.

Hans Erwart

Hans Erwart is another famous chef who has his restaurants located on the new road. This chef started his career in Germany but later worked in New York City and then in London. He gained fame because of his innovative ideas and passion for cooking. He opened his first restaurant named “Hans” in Manhattan, where people enjoyed their meals in a traditional German style. In order to introduce the new concept of modern cuisine to the public, he opened a restaurant named “Erdheimer” in Paris.

Final Words

Although there are many more restaurants on the New York star listing, it must be said that the ones mentioned above are the best ones. People who love to eat out will not regret making reservations at one of these fine restaurants. They will also have special packages and deals to enjoy during their visit. It would also be a good idea to plan ahead so that dining reservations can be made in advance so that people can avoid having to disappoint their taste buds by being unable to stop at a particular restaurant.

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