My Michelin Guide To Barcelona And Madrid, Spain

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A shower of Michelin starry stars descended on Spain and Portugal overnight, in what has been a high point of a rather trying year for the culinary scene – one in which all of the major gastronome’s players have fought hard, and yet are continuing to strive for a greater globalised future. Michelin have come out on top with their yellow ribbons still encircling the trophy, as other countries look on with mixed feelings. It is clear that Spain have missed out on something good. Portugal, however, have risen above the rest, taking advantage of a Spain that was more interested in the recent successes of David Beckham than how their national team managed to get relegated. Here is a brief run down on both sides, with an analysis of the potential for the tournament.

Restaurants In Portugal

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Portugal have been somewhat hindered by their lack of star names, but there has been some good developments, such as in the local restaurants. Restaurants such as Tortilleria Do Guincho, La Primeira do Cafe and Tortilleria da Barra was especially busy as part of the mass tourism rush to the country during the buildup to the Euros, and again in the months leading up to the tournament. This has been reflected in their results, where they have only managed third or fourth, behind favorites Italy and Spain.

One of the new restaurants in Spain that has become a regular on Tripadvisor is El Padul. This small restaurant in Alaves takes its name from a rather unlikely location – it sits next to a bus lane on the outskirts of Madrid. El Padul caters mainly to out-of-the-way areas and is recommended for people looking for affordable fresh seafood. You can also choose to order fish or ask for an exotic specialty to spice up your meal. El Padul’s red beans are well known for their firm and satisfying texture, and you may have already tried them if you have visited any of the other tapas bars or cafes in Spain.

 Most Famous Tapas Bars In Spain Are Located In Madrid 

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Of course, some of the most famous tapas bars in Spain are located in Madrid itself. The crowning achievement of the local catering industry in terms of gastronomy is of course Madrid’s fabulous Punta del Este, with its extensive network of chic restaurants. The most popular ones are probablyoppers like Alaverdi (also known as La Costiera), which features exquisite seafood and Spanish specialties such as horchata. Another high-end joint is Cevo, which is famous for its lavish service and delicious food. If you are looking for a place to go with friends or family, these are three of the best places you should consider:

Interesting New Restaurants In Spain Is La Dolce Vita

One of the most interesting new restaurants in Spain is La Dolce Vita, which is situated in Costa del Sol. La Dolce Vita is the creation of chef’s Antonia and Paco Diaz Soto, who are former employees of Groupon. The original concept of this modernist Costa Del Sol restaurant was founded by Antonia Soto and Paco Diaz Soto when they combined their knowledge of traditional Spanish cuisine with the fresh ideas of entrepreneurs and consultants. As one might expect, there are a lot of fresh and contemporary ideas in La Dolce Vita, which is led by its creative chefs. In addition to tapas and sandwiches, La Dolce Vita offers other fine dining dishes, as well as cocktails and desserts.

Last Words

If you want to see the best of Spain during your next holiday in Spain, then you must include the Catalunya de Mar, or Catalunya’s Carnival. The festival, which celebrates the traditions of the city of Catalunya, is held during the month of march. With an array of parades, street parties, and workshops galore, the occasion is an event not to be missed. Also, don’t forget to check out the famous Picasso museum. Here you can experience art come to life, as well as learn more about some of the world’s greatest artists. The next time you visit spain, ensure to make it a point to add this delightful town to your list of places to go!

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