Some Interesting Facts About Gordon Ramsay -

Some Interesting Facts About Gordon Ramsay

Some Interesting Facts About Gordan Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay was born on 8th November 1966. He is a British chef and food critic. Additionally, he is also a restaurateur, writer, and television personality. His restaurants have received a total of 16 Michelin stars. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London is his signature restaurant that has held three Michelin stars since 2001. He featured in the mini-series of British television, The Boiling point, in 1998. By 2004, Chef Ramsay had become quite a renowned and powerful chef in the UK. In this article, you will get to know some interesting facts about Ramsay.

Did You Know That Gordon Ramsay First Decided To Become A Professional Soccer Player:

Some Interesting Facts About Gordon Ramsay
Some Interesting Facts About Gordon Ramsay

Just like any other British boy, Ramsay chose to become a professional soccer player as his first career option. In the past, he claims to have played for Scotland’s Glasgow Rangers until his knee injury barred him from playing more football. However, whatever he claims is not actually right. This is because the Rangers monitored him to be a potential player while still young and before his knee injury took place.

Gordon Ramsay Has Participated In The Iron-man Competitions:

Ramsay did not get to succeed as a soccer player due to his knee injury. However, this was never a hindrance for him to pursue fitness as an adult. He took part in around 15 marathons, and two Iron-man world championships. Moreover, he also took part in three ultra-marathons, and three half iron-man world championships. This requires you to run a full marathon, to ride a bicycle for 122 miles and to swim for 2.4 miles.

He Was A Head Chef At The London’s Aubergine:

At 27, after he worked under the guidance of top chefs like Joel Robuchon and Guy Savoy, he went to work as the head chef of the restaurant London’s Aubergine in 1993. It was during this time that the restaurant received two Micheline star ratings. Sadly, the restaurant has been closed since that time.

In Karate He Is A Black Belt:

If you cannot win with Ramsay in the verbal fight, then you would best not challenge him to a physical fight. This is because he is a trained martial artist with a black belt in karate. Notably, this defense tactic helped him when a contestant at Hells’ kitchen tried to hit him.

Gordon Ramsay Does Not Want To Be Treated In A Special Way In Restaurants:

Some Interesting Facts About Gordon Ramsay
Some Interesting Facts About Gordon Ramsay

In an interview, he was once asked to state the worst thing about being a famous chef. He said that he is never impressed by the amount of food he gets served as people try to impress him. There are times when he just wants to sit in a corner and eat his meal. However, the chefs send a lot of food, which he’s forced to taste so that he doesn’t seem rude. Moreover, after tasting the foods the chefs want feedback. But this is not what he wants. Chef Ramsay wants to be able to comfortably sit in a restaurant and enjoy his meal.

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