The Best Italian Restaurants and Pizzerias in Washington DC -

The Best Italian Restaurants and Pizzerias in Washington DC

michelin star dc

MICHElin Star DC is the official restaurant of the District of Columbia. It is located on Pennsylvania Avenue SW in between Third and Fourth streets SW. The building was constructed in 1973 and was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It was the home of former First Lady Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton. MICHELIN Star DC has featured in numerous international news stories, from newspapers worldwide.

Notable Establishments In D.C

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Notable establishments in D.C. list include ieri, Bistro MD, Capresso, Charm City Caterers, Concrete Pete’s BBQ, Foggey Gourmet Coffee, Fourth Street Pub and Restaurant, Majestic Bar and Grill, Majestic Steakhouse, Mosey’s BBQ, Pig & Whistle, Rodeo Drive Inn, Soul Kitchen, Tiffany’s Hotel and many more. In terms of fine dining restaurants, one must visit The Cheesecake Factory which is ranked number one. Another popular restaurant in the vicinity is the Four Seasons. This D.C. area is highly regarded for its restaurants with top ranking in terms of both cleanliness and quality of food. The best part about visiting a restaurant here in the Washington, D.C. region is that you can have a taste of anything from global cuisine to traditional Eastern European cuisine.

Apart from restaurants with international fame like The Cheesecake Factory and The Four Seasons, there are also restaurants with roots from other cultures who have become popular in the U.S. The Cheesecake Factory has been described as one of the most innovative ice cream chains in the nation. You can also get amazing desserts at several restaurants here. Some of them include Baba Dabra, Baba Jamboree and Charly’s. If you are a chocolate lover, then these restaurants offer the best desserts in town.

If you are looking for an Indian restaurant in the Washington, DC, area, then you must visit restaurants owned by Indian Americans. They are located all around the metropolitan area. In addition to that, these restaurants offer great cuisine from their homeland. You can have South Indian or Samosa at any of these restaurants. Other Indian delicacies served in this type of restaurants include West Indian chicken rice and spicy tuna salad.

Chinese restaurants in the Washington, DC, area are also very popular. The best Chinese restaurants can be found in Wheaton and Suitland. The latter has been ranked number one in terms of Chinese restaurants. You can also find great Peking style restaurants in the Maryland, Virginia and DC areas. Some of these restaurants can be found inside the Smithsonian.

Last Words

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Italian restaurants in the Washington, DC, area can be found all over. You can find some inside of restaurants and hotels. These restaurants offer some of the most delicious food you will ever eat. If you are in the mood to eat pasta, you should try pasta joints in the area. You can also find a great Chinese restaurant that offers a variety of dishes and it is just a few minutes away from the White House.

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