The Best of MICHElin Star Restaurants in the Bay Area

michelin star restaurants bay area

Yet a casual food lover may find that the Bay Area has a wealth of options when it comes to dining out. From local delis to high end fine dining, you are sure to find something to suit your taste bud and wallet! The recently openingMichelino’s on Haight Street is just one example of an exciting new establishment in the Bay Area that offers both casual and sophisticated cuisine. The beautifully decorated bistro style restaurant promises a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a romantic evening with your loved one or as a great place to grab a quick snack.

Know About The Experience

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Relaxed casual eatery with elegant, rustic furnishing serving Mediterranean & Spanish tapas. With an extensive wine selection, you will be able to find something that matches well with the theme of your dinner. Choose from a range of platters with seasonal flavors, or enjoy the more traditional styles of the paella. Relax and enjoy the beauty of this beautiful city while enjoying Mediterranean cuisine.

This restaurant offers fine Italian food based on the traditional family style. You will be treated to warm homemade meals with lots of vegetables and poultry. The restaurant offers a casual atmosphere with friendly, helpful staff. This restaurant review will focus on the dining experience, starting with the outside dinning space.

The Hotel Solamar

A kitchen filled with appliances and cabinets

It is conveniently located right next door to the Hotel Solamar. The Mediterranean-themed restaurant will give you the opportunity to sample many different types of wines, paired with a wide selection of meats. Choose from an extensive wine list, paired with an extensive selection of Mediterranean foods.

Just steps away from the downtown scene, Nola is another casual dining spot that features an amazing collection of Mediterranean fares. If you love seafood, this is the perfect place for a romantic evening. You can order a simple meal, or top it off with some Mediterranean specialties such as tapas. This restaurant has a variety of entrees that are perfect for when you have a small party.

La Dolce Vita

If you love sushi, grilled chicken, or European entrees, La Dolce Vita is sure to satisfy your palate. The chefs here serve up fresh seafood, wood-aged beef, and interesting Japanese dishes. They even offer wine tasting! This restaurant is known for its exquisite wine selections and great prices. During the week, you will get the best deals on wine, while during the holiday months, they offer great discounts for parties of any size.


When it comes to elegant dining, Napa Valley is the perfect place to dine. There are amazing local restaurants, gourmet dining, cafes, and wonderful shopping in this area. Top of the line, affordable accommodations and great entertainment round out the incredible experiences you will have in Napa. Check out our Napa wine rating & other local restaurants in our Napa wine specialty section.

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