The Top Chef Michelin Stars Of The Culinary Galaxy Ruling The Hearts Of Food Lovers Globally -

The Top Chef Michelin Stars Of The Culinary Galaxy Ruling The Hearts Of Food Lovers Globally

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A title or an award gives an individual his well-deserved portion of identity beyond borders. It is an official and valuable recognition of his hard work and excellence. With that context, Chef Michelin Stars is the distinctive badge of culinary excellence awarded to the deserving chef and his associated restaurant as well.

The award of Chef Michelin Stars has an honorary impact on the overall worth of the chef. Even it has been observed that the restaurants associated with the chefs who have won this prestigious Michelin Star also had a tremendous positive impact on their businesses. There are several world-famous Chef Michelin Stars who are the true inspiration to future chefs. Let’s roll down to learn more about them.

The Concept Of Chef Michelin Stars

A person cutting food on a table

The concept of awarding Chef Michelin Stars was initiated in 1931 in France, where stars ranging from one to three. The idea states that it is awarded to the restaurant, highlighting the associated Chef Michelin Star. The one star awarded means the particular restaurant is a very good restaurant and worth a stop. The two stars state the restaurant is excellent in cooking and deserves a detour. Whereas the three stars mean the particular restaurant makes an exceptional cuisine and is worth a special journey.

The Top Chef Michelin Stars And Their Inspiring Journey

Joël Robuchon

He was the brightest Chef Michelin Star with 31 stars, the highest number of stars ever. He still holds the first position among the world’s best chefs. He was awarded as the chef of the century several times. He was an expert in French cuisine and has trained several young chefs, one out of them being the great Gordon Ramsay.

Alain Ducasse

He is the Chef Michelin Star with 21 stars and proudly maintained it. He holds expertise in French cuisine and served food to the ISS Astronauts in 2015. He owns 3 Michelin Star and 34 Restaurants in total, worldwide.

Gordon Ramsay

He is a renowned face in public and the Chef Michelin Star with 16 stars, and his expertise is the British delicacies. He owns his restaurant in Chelsea that has won 3 Michelin stars, although Ramsay is associated with around 20 restaurants across the globe.

Martin Berasategui

Martin Berasategui is a famous Spanish Chef Michelin Star with 8 stars. He owns 10 restaurants worldwide, out of which 2 have won 3 Michelin stars, including his renowned Martin Berasategui Restaurant. His cooking is all about serving art with food.

Carme Ruscalleda

She is the proud woman Chef Michelin star with 7 Michelin stars considered amongst top chefs globally. She belongs to Spain and is highly grounded. Perhaps this makes her an expert in Spanish traditional Catalan cuisine. She is a proud owner of 3 restaurants in various corners of the country.

Final Words

With this, we get to know about the basic concept of Michelin Star awards along with the Chef Michelin Stars and their inspiring journey.

Although there are many shining Chef Michelin Stars in the Culinary galaxy, this article showcases the names of a few handpicked ones to be your inspiration. Their legacy is being continued for years and, indeed, would be carried forward for more forthcoming golden years to rule the hearts of food lovers.

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