Things You Did Not Know About Chef Most Michelin Stars -

Things You Did Not Know About Chef Most Michelin Stars

chef most michelin stars

Many people know that a Michelin Star chef is a person who cooks high-quality food in a restaurant. The Michelin Guide rated restaurants on the quality of the cuisine and environment, but did you know plenty of other criteria for earning one or more Michelin Stars? Read on to find out more about what it takes to earn the prestigious title.

What is a ‘Michelin Star’?

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Michelin stars are an annual rating system used by Michelin, an international tire company. According to Michelin’s website, The Red Guide is recognized as one of the world’s most prestigious restaurant guides. And Michelin provides impartial food ratings with over 300 years of expertise. Restaurants can earn from one to three stars. One star means that it is just ‘okay’ while three stars mean that it is very good.

How Do Restaurants Get Michelin Stars?

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Michelin has been issuing ratings and reviews of restaurants since 1900. The system originated with three criteria: quality of food, mastery of flavors, and consistency. One star indicates an average restaurant; two stars means it’s better than most other restaurants in its class, and three stars are for food that is worth making travel plans for.

Ways To Receive Michelin Stars

There are two ways for chefs to get Michelin stars. The first is by being rated with three stars by other chefs in a ceremony called The Best Chefs in France twice yearly. And secondly, they can get one if their restaurant has been open for more than 18 months and was awarded two stars at least once in those 18 months. Another similar rating system called The Guide to Europe’s Best Restaurant also ranks restaurants from 1-3 stars.

Why Are Michelin Guide Books So Important?

The reputation of Michelin, founded in 1900 by André and Edouard Michelin in France, is based on its restaurant and hotel guides all around Europe. These are considered one of few reliable sources for objective information on restaurants and hotels. The establishment has become renowned through its iconic guidebooks that are either structured to include roadside diners and fine dining establishments.

The Restaurant’s Reputation

Michelin stars are considered so important in certain countries that they can influence how well some restaurants do. In France, for example, restaurants with one star or more are entitled to have their chef’s names printed in red on their menus – which means that if you’re going to eat out there, you know exactly who’s cooking your food.

 Who Decides Which Restaurants Get Michelin Stars?

The number of stars ranges from one to three. A one-star hotel is very good in its class, a two-star restaurant is outstanding cooking and worth a detour, and a three-star restaurant is extraordinary cuisine and deserves a special trip. The list is refreshed every year on October 15.  The main thing that will make or break your chances of getting one of these coveted accolades is consistency. For example, if you consistently have really good food and great service, you’re very likely to receive one of these prestigious awards.

In Conclusion

Although many restaurants have just one star and continue to receive success, it is not as easy as it seems to maintain that single star. Many of these chefs struggle every day to maintain their status, and they know if they don’t try hard enough, they may lose everything.

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