Top 4 Michelin Star Restaurants NYC That You Must Go To Eat Once In Your Lifetime -

Top 4 Michelin Star Restaurants NYC That You Must Go To Eat Once In Your Lifetime

michelin star restaurants nyc

Most of you have questions in your mind that what is a Michelin star restaurant in NYC? You may have heard of simple restaurants, but what are Michelin star restaurants in NYC? Well, a Michelin star is an ultimate hallmark. A hallmark of culinary exleclm[nce given to specific restaurants. The restaurants that are seen to have particularly high standards and have a strong reputation are judged and eventually awarded with the Michelin stars. The star grades can be divided into one star, two stars, and three stars. 

Over the years, the popularity of the scheme expanded overseas. The company even has Michelin inspectors that regularly check up on the restaurants in order to see whether the restaurant is functioning properly or not. The Michelin stars are most importantly awarded on the basis of customer reviews about the restaurants

Try These 4 Michelin Star Restaurants In NYC To Give Your Taste Buds A Different Taste

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A Korean chef hoyoung Kim, who was a former executive of two Michelin stars in tribica presents jua a great fusion of many tastes. He crafted an unforgettable seven-course tasty menu for the people. He has precisely used wood fore techniques to keep the seven-course meal with every single noticeable detail. The restaurant is famous after the chef’s daughter, jua. The menu has mouth-watering dishes to look up to.

Don Angie

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When you grow up in an Italian bakery, it can make your mind really creative. That’s what happened with chef Angie Rito. She grew up around her family bakery, along with her husband has started to don Angie, a Michelin star restaurant in NYC. They use global flavors and traditional techniques to round up the dishes.


Kochi, a Korean anime, means skewer. By using the local seasoning ingredients and balancing all the flavors flawlessly, chef sungchul shim developed a seven-course tasty menu. Each of the dishes in that particular menu honors the Korean traditions and reflects the state taste also. 


Last December 2020, Francie marks one of the independent collaborations between chef-owner Christopher Cipollone and owner-operator john winterman. France is not your average bite snack. It is a very delicious and appreciable dish by everybody. There is also something for vegetarians also and includes the feeling of a neighborhood brasserie.


According to stats, there are many Michelin star restaurants in NYC. The basis is based on the no. of stars they get. These Michelin star restaurants NYC have criteria that can help them to earn stars and register themselves as Michelin star restaurants NYC. Any dish launched by them gets reviews from people and other restaurants as well. From that only, it is concluded that this eatery can be served to get Michelin star restaurant NYC. 

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