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What You Can Find In Each Of The Michelin Star Restaurants NYC

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If you are planning a New York vacation and are looking for a fine dining experience, then you should plan a visit to one of the top restaurants in New York, named in The New York Times Best of Picks List as one of the best five out of all the New York restaurants. If you have never experienced a New York dining experience before, this is a great place to start. If you are an existing customer, then this will be an outstanding and once in a lifetime dining experience that you will always remember. The Michelin star restaurants in NYC offer four stars rated Chef Gourmet Mario Miello who hails from Italy. Mario Miello is a four star chef who has gained international recognition for his unique approach to cooking that makes each dish a one of a kind offering with a remarkable presentation.

Unique Italian Menu

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Every meal at the Miello Restaurant features a hand selected, unique Italian menu that includes many traditional Italian dishes as well as some new dishes that he has concocted. You will receive a four-star experience in each course while appreciating the best of New York City dining. Each course consists of hand-made pastas, salads, appetizers, desserts and even a signature beverage like a Manhattan or a Margarita. Every dish is created by the world’s top chef, Mario Miello. You will also enjoy the exceptional wine selections, exotic cocktails and other Italian beverages.

The atmosphere at the Miello Restaurant is truly something special. The restaurant sits high on Maspeth Road, right in the heart of the fashionable downtown Brooklyn. When you are dining at the restaurant, feel the ambiance as you walk into the dining room. The restaurant looks beautiful and is very comfortable. In fact, when you dine at the star-rated restaurants in NYC, you can almost feel that you are in Italy!

The Mario Miello Restaurant

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The Mario Miello Restaurant was created in 1992 and quickly became one of the most popular restaurants in the area. This Italian-inspired eatery features sixty-two available seats. The casual-service atmosphere is perfect for families and couples alike. The Miello Restaurant offers an open-air dining area as well as indoor dining room and a cozy outdoor courtyard.

The food at the Mario Miello Restaurant is a creation of five talented chefs, who bring their passion for cooking to this table. There are many different options for dinner and lunch at this restaurant. You can choose from a selection of both traditional Italian fare as well as nontraditional dishes like Thai, Chinese and Moroccan cuisine. The restaurant even offers gluten-free entrees. The chefs use fresh local ingredients and a variety of meats and vegetables to create traditional Italian flavors.


During the off-season, the Mario Miello Restaurant offers special deals and packages. For example, diners can get a discount on wine and appetizers. You can also enjoy a twenty-four hour front desk staff to answer your questions about locations, menus, reservations and events. If you are looking for a place to go on New Year’s Eve, this is the place to be. The restaurant will be serving a special one-hour New Year’s Eve bash with drinks and appetizers to compliment the year’s most special occasion.

Bottom Line

For those that are looking for a romantic evening, consider a candlelit table and chairs at the Bamboo Palace. The star rated restaurant is located in New York’s luxury West End district. The restaurant offers three different types of dining experiences; birthday, anniversary or private. The birthday or anniversary dinner is the perfect time to celebrate the special person in your life. With two choices in dining areas, you should have no problem finding a location that will meet your needs.

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