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Why The Michelin Star Chef Ranking System Is So Popular

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The history of the Michelin star brand goes back to 1830 when it was first called Maison Martin. It was initially a French restaurant located in the exclusive Pays de la Loire region of France. Back then, the chefs were made by only one person, hence the long-standing reputation for only the most skillful chefs. In 2002, the French government allowed its name to be used in the United States. At that time, there were only two other restaurants with the brand name in the entire country. It has now expanded into the United States and is part of the Star Jewelers of America. This means any of the chefs associated with the brand can acquire three stars.

Criteria For The Three Stars

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The three stars are based on several criteria. Of course, the actual quality of the meals is considered, but the star is also based on how well the kitchen staff work, their ability to present the guest’s desires, and their cleanliness in the overall atmosphere. Here are some other criteria that also help rate a kitchen as stars.


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The kitchens should always look and feel clean. Tables should be wiped down after every use and every meal. The kitchen staff should always wash their utensils properly between courses and follow sanitary procedures .


Every guest should be treated with courtesy and treated to a high level of service. A five-star restaurant will have staff that offers attentive service. Complimentary beverages and services should always be available. This helps to ensure that every client is satisfied and can leave full and satisfied. Every customer should be greeted by an employee and treated like a king or queen.


There are so many dishes to choose from when dining out at a restaurant. You should be able to try many different types of food. This allows you to discover new tastes that you may not have had when dining out traditionally. Many people find that going to Italian restaurants will enable them to taste many different foods they might never have usually tried. This means that you can get a wide variety of foods and try out many different ones.


You must get the best value for the money that you spend. You want to go to a restaurant with dishes that you will enjoy every time you dine out. If you are paying for value, you won’t be looking for many added extras or hidden charges. Make sure that you check out what the average price is for the food you are looking to order, and if it is more than you are willing to pay for, you will probably want to look elsewhere. The goal is to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible, and if you can’t find a good deal, it is better to pay a little bit more and eat lower quality food than to eat food that you aren’t happy with and that you aren’t likely to enjoy.

Summing Up

Overall, the Michelin star chef ranking system is excellent for trying to find the best restaurants. If you aren’t familiar with the system or don’t feel that you are good enough of a chef to qualify, this can help you find a place to dine in comfort and enjoy your time there. If you are familiar with the ranking or haven’t been to a restaurant, then take some time to check out the star ratings. You can look at the star rating for various restaurants to see which ones you are most interested in visiting.

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